Pregnancy is such a beautiful time in a woman’s life – even if you don’t feel that way while you’re going through it! It brings the promise of new life and future adventures.

As you prepare for the new arrival it’s worth thinking about what kind of photos would you like. Do you want to do a maternity shoot? Would you like to photograph the birth of your child? And once he or she is born what kind of photos would you like of your precious newborn?

I have 2 brands of newborn photography, both very different from each other, and as this can be confusing I’d like to offer a comparison & explanation of them both:


Slumberlings Newborn Sessions




Slumberlings sessions are beautiful. They focus purely on the sleeping newborn and emphasise the size and innocence of your child at this stage of it’s life. It’s a natural-light shoot (ie no use of studio lighting) making use of various hats, headbands, blankets, buckets and other such props and takes a full morning. As the babies are so young and sleep soundly it’s calm and relaxed with little to no crying involved at all. Parents are requested to sit downstairs as your presence unsettles the babies however you may come up to the studio at any time to see your little one. We also have a mobile beautician available to do mani’s, pedi’s and massages should you wish to be pampered during your morning off!

It’s highly recommended doing this session between 6-10 days and 3 weeks is the maximum age. In general sessions are provisionally booked in advance and dates are finalised as soon as your little one is born. Often we can squeeze in a couple of family photos at the end but this isn’t guaranteed.

I studied this form of photography with a world-renowned photographer in New York and had extensive training in style, lighting, posing as well as the safety of babies during the photo shoot. This latter point is obviously essential! All information can be found on my

Baby Studio Shoots


For those looking for something shorter, for older babies or for the whole family there is the Baby Studio Shoot under my brand Vividimages. This shoot is fun, interactive and involves studio photos (ie with studio lighting) of the whole family on both white and black backgrounds. The shoot includes family photos, individual photos of baby (almost always awake) and some gorgeous little discreetly nude photos of baby both alone and with both parents / the family.

It’s recommended doing this shoot within the first month as studio lighting is very stimulating for babies and they cope much better when they are little and not too alert, however it can be done up to 3 months of age if necessary. You’re welcome to email me for a price list and you’ll find information and a portfolio in the studio gallery of my website:

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos of the first couple of months of having a baby but remember that they are only newborn for a VERY short period of their lives so capture those memories while you can.

For more information on these photo shoots feel free to email me on