Slumberlings photo sessions are one of my absolute favourite ways to spend a morning and having done them for 2 years I suddenly wondered…what if we do the same thing outdoors?!


So armed with an assistant, a whole pile of equipment, a 9 day old baby (Sinead) and a daring second-time Mom (thanks Nicole!) who was up for a challenge we headed off to a secluded place out in nature to set up. Unfortunately the weather didn’t play along a lot of the time and we were regularly sprinkled with raindrops or blessed with gusty winds, but when it did clear up for a few moments we took our positions and…..the photos are too cute for words!! Newborn baby photo shoots just work well out in nature, they seem to fit :) Baby was totally oblivious to all the fussing going on & at one point while waiting for the sun to show itself she fell fast asleep on the dining room table all wrapped up & tucked into a colander!

Huge thank you to Anton for letting us use your gorgeous house; to Ursula who brought us lunch & offered her helping hand on many occasions; to Amanda who as always was assistant-extraordinaire and most importantly to Paul & Nicole Richardson for trusting that we had some idea of what we were doing! I loved every minute & had SO MUCH FUN!!!