After meeting the Geerdts family when I took their maternity photos with their first daughter, Lileah, our lives became tangled in each others & I’ve felt like part of the family ever since. Shortly after the maternity photos I was privileged to photograph Lily in natural childbirth with Lileah which was an amazing, adrenalin-filled experience. From there on I have done a variety of photo shoots for them ranging from newborn shoots to family sessions with a couple of special birthdays thrown in the mix too.

So it was with great excitement that Arnie & Lily announced the  imminent arrival of yet another little Geerdts daughter and the cycle started again. Shiloh had a water birth at Sandton Clinic, and once again I was there to record this very special occasion. She’s the splitting image of her sister and of course there was great celebration among the rest of the family when they all arrived – through traffic – an hour later.