Some celebrities have an arrogant, stand-offish air about them making interaction with them fairly uncomfortable. This couldn’t be further from the truth for R&B and gospel superstar Loyiso Bala and his gorgeous wife Jennifer.

Jennifer gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, Kenzie, earlier this year and I was so privileged to do her Slumberlings newborn photo shoot – on my birthday!!

Despite Kenzie being their first child they were so relaxed and comfortable around her and didn’t even have the dark rings under their eyes that many newborn parents sport. We discussed the colours for the session and decided on a range of blues with some lovely warm neutral colours, especially for the buckets & baskets.

Kenzie is a truly beautiful child. She has skin so smooth & perfect, a head full of soft curly hair and she even graced us with a friendly smile from time to time. She was the epitome of the “sleeping baby” in this session and only woke to feed from time to time

Understandably Loyiso & Jennifer wanted to keep Kenzie to themselves for a couple of months but they’ve recently brought her out into the public eye so I’m excited to share some of these images with you.

Loyiso & Jennifer – I’m so honoured you chose me as the photographer to capture the magic of your newborn baby girl and I look forward to seeing you again for many more shoots in the future.